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Our Services

Simply stated, our business is to make you money. Our core business deals with internet technologies, but we can help you make money by providing reliable and expert advice on how you may improve your own web-based projects, whether it be a simple online extension of an existing brick and mortar shop, or a purely web-driven operation.

Consulting is our specialty, based on our many years of experience and we could steer you in the right directions. Are you confused about the viability of an internet venture? Wondering what all the fuss is about the internet? Are you pondering whether or not to take your business online? We can help.

In addition to consultation, our team of experienced workers can assist in the set-up and maintenance of such a site. We can also help you manage cash-flow, property and inventory.

Our fees are negotiable and tailored to your budget. We will never overcharge you like some other companies do and we will make sure you get your money's worth.

Interested? Contact us for more details.